Thank you to all of our players, volunteers and buddies who came out to Miracle Field this year. Let's play ball!

Help Wanted: General Manager (Paid)

Sunday, July 19, 2020





The General Manager shall help to facilitate the program operations of the Miracle League of Montgomery County, Maryland in consultation and coordination with the Miracle League Director (Sean Ryan) and the Board President (Robby Brewer)(and designees).  We estimate that these duties will require approximately 5—6 hours/week during the Spring and Fall playing seasons, and 2—3 hours/week at other times.


Objectives:  The objectives of the General Manager position include:


  • Assuring a sufficient number of players to make games meaningful to the participating players and their parents;
  • Increasing the number of players to assure sustainability of the program from year to year, and (over time) expand the numbers/days of games from the current one game on Sundays (12:45—2:15pm);
  • Assuring the presence on game day of an adequate number of coaches,  buddies and adult volunteers to enable a high-quality experience for participating players and their parents;
  • Generally helping to manage all other program operations to accomplish the foregoing (e.g. marketing, provision of equipment & uniforms, field maintenance, communications, event coordination).


To accomplish these objectives, the duties of the General Manager include the following:


Primary Duties (duties performed mostly by the General Manager, and coordinated with League Director or as indicated):


  • Social media:  marketing, content creation, maintenance for Facebook, Instagram
  • Database:  for players, buddies and adult volunteers—creation, maintenance, utilization
  • Public relations & marketing:  communicating game schedules, season  announcements, player recruiting via school and community fliers and other social media
  • Managing buddies:  recruiting, sign-ups, communications, coordination
  • Obtaining emergency contact forms for all players
  • Attend all scheduled games, and on game days:
    • Handling check-ins for players, buddies, adult volunteers
    • Taking photos and videos of players and game play
    • Handling players’ registration and emergency contact form completion when necessary
    • At least fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of games, assure that all equipment is retrieved from the storage shed and organized by the playing field; also raise flags on the flagpoles
    • When appropriate, arrange for  water and snacks for players
    • With the League Director, coordinate the work of the coaches, players, buddies and adult volunteers



Shared Duties (duties performed or directed primarily by others, as indicated, with active participation by the General Manager):


  • Player recruiting (coordinated by the League Director, and engaged in by all Board members also)
  • Website maintenance (done primarily by Marlayna Proctor)
  • Coaches’ recruiting and sign-ups (done primarily by League Director)
  • Equipment purchases, replacements, maintenance (done primarily by League Director)
  • Uniforms’ purchases, replacements (done primarily by League Director)
  • Players’ registration (done primarily by League Director)
  • Adult volunteers’ recruiting and background checks (done primarily by League Director)



Other Duties:


  • Assist the League Director, as necessary, with Miracle Field maintenance issues
  • Attend periodic Miracle League Board of Directors’ meetings





  • At least several years of experience working in a leadership role with special needs children
  • Montgomery County resident
  • Good working knowledge of the game of baseball
  • Experience working with public recreation and parks’ agencies
  • Teaching experience with special needs children is preferred, but not required
  • Strong ability to communicate orally and in writing